Keynote Speaking

Obstacles are more than just roadblocks. They prevent an individual or business from achieving goals. Allow me to get your audience back on track to view change as an opportunity rather than a roadblock.

Join me as I take you on a journey to help you reach your highest potential by unleashing the emotional triggers that have held you back for decades in your life, relationships, and careers. I will reveal how I went from a ZERO to a RESILIENT person and now is a loud and proud TEN! With only a few simple changes, you’ll learn how to reduce resistance to change, move beyond obstacles, and achieve your dreams. Instead of being complacent with the current level of success, what if you could convince yourself that the way forward is moving beyond your past once and for all.


  • You Were Born to Sparkle
  • Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Unique
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Slay those Giants of Limiting Self-Beliefs
  • The Power of an Unstoppable Woman¬†
  • Illuminate Your Inner Power
  • Level-Up Your Relationship with God
  • Reach Your Highest Potential
  • Will the Real Me Please Stand Up